Useful Information


From October, car test candidates (category B) will have to complete one reversing manoeuvre rather than two. The manoeuvre will be selected at random by the examiner from:

  • turning in the road
  • reversing around a corner
  • reverse parking (either on the road, or into a bay)
An emergency stop exercise will still be conducted on one in three tests.

Manoeuvres in all other categories of tests will not be changed.

Special Needs

DSA already has procedures to identify special needs and disabilities when tests are booked online or over the phone. The examiner then knows which type of special needs the candidate has so reasonable adjustment can be made.

For independent driving this could be asking the candidate which method they prefer for the section – in other words, following signs, or a series of directions (a maximum of three) which are supported by a diagram approved by the British Dyslexia Association. In some cases this will be shortened to just two directions.

DSA recognise there are many ways of developing perfectly road-safe coping strategies in order to navigate from A to B and is satisfied that examiners will manage the situation accordingly. Independent driving is a significant road safety addition to the practical driving test but will not prevent candidates from holding a licence.

DSA is determined that no member of society should suffer detriment due to any change we introduce. BM2D 03/16

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